What you have just imagined is what life is like for individuals with a communication disorder known as Aphasia.   Aphasia is the result of injury to the brain from stroke, tumor and other illnesses.  This frustrating impairment affects more than one million Americans. That is more than the number of individuals who suffer from Parkinson's Disease or Muscular Dystrophy. 

Individuals who have aphasia may receive speech therapy in the hospital, as an outpatient or through home health.  Many recover a good deal of their communication with these interventions.  But, unfortunately, for most, aphasia is a chronic battle, one that impacts their families, their social and vocational pursuits and their quality of life.  With healthcare dollars dwindling, the solution is often to "get as good as you can get" and then deal with it. 

The Triangle Aphasia Project is committed to better outcomes than that!  As a young nonprofit organization serving the Triangle and beyond, the Triangle Aphasia Project offers solutions...individualized, personalized and compassionate answers to those affected by aphasia. Our mission is to serve individuals with aphasia, their families, and the community through innovative life participation approaches that maximize communicative potential and reduce barriers to social reengagement.

If you or someone you know suffers from aphasia, please call the Triangle Aphasia Project to see how we can help.

Triangle Aphasia Project
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